Build a Mainspring Winder eBOOK


A mainspring winder is an essential tool for the clock repairer. Without one, a mainspring cannot be properly serviced. A mainspring cannot be removed from a barrel, nor can a mainspring be stretched out for the necessary inspection, cleaning and lubrication. However one major obstacle to obtaining a mainspring winder is its cost.


Professionally made mainspring winders run anywhere from $200.00 to $350.00. The mainspring winder described in this book has a reversible locking ratchet mechanism which is essential for safe efficient operation of a mainspring winder.


It can be made for around $25.00 dollars. It can be made just using simple hand tools and some store bought items. Or, if one has a lathe, some of the pieces can be home made. This book describes in painstaking detail with 17 line drawings and 7 black and white photos how you too can make your own mainspring winder and save big bucks.

This is an EBOOK.  Nothing comes in the mail.