Happ Anniversary Clocks

Happy Anniversary Clocks
400-Day Clocks
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Adjust Cuckoo Music Box

How to Adjust the Cuckoo Clock Music Box


Herschede Owners Manual


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Complete Guide to American Pocket Watches #2

Complete Guide to American Pocket Watches #2 



Extreme Restoration: A comprehensive guide to the restoration and preservation of antique clocks  731 Pages PDF download

Extreme Restoration

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Golden Hour ClockHow to Repair Jefferson Golden Hour Clock $5.99 Add to Cart
Work Bench How to Make Watchmaker's & Clockmaker's Work Bench $5.99 Add to Cart
Clock Depthing ToolHow to Make and use an Inexpensive Clock Depthing Tool $5.99 Add to Cart
Adjust Stop WorksHow to Adjust Stop Works for the Hermle, Kleninger and Seth Thomas Movements $5.99 Add to Cart
Watchmakers GraverProper Use of the Watchmakers Graver $5.99 Add to Cart
Ten Essential ToolsTen Essential Tools for the Repair of Hermle Movements $5.99 System $5.99 Add to Cart

This Old ClockThis Old Clock 
Goodman $27.00Add to Cart








Other titles Available

How to Make a Ship’s bell Clock from an American Made Time & Strike Movement.  $19.99.

The following is a list of booklets $5.99 
How to Repair Jefferson Golden Hour Clock
How to make a Watchmaker’s Clockmaker’s Bench
How to Make an Inexpensive Depthing Tool
How to Adjust a Schatz Cuckoo Clock
How to Make an Adjustable Cuckoo Clock Test Stand
Proper Use of a Watchmaker’s Graver
How to Adjust Hermle 132-071 and Seth Thomas 207-005 Ship Bell Clocks
How to Adjust Stop Works, Kieninger, Hermle etc.
Ten Essential toolsfor the repair of hermle Movements

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