Getting Started in Clock Repair

Getting Started in Clock Repair  eBook

by William Bilger
36  Pages

If you ever wanted to get started in hobby clock repair then this Book is for you. It tells you how to get started using the minimum amount of tools, equipment and money. The author recalled his frustration in trying to get started in clock repair due to a lack of material that addressed his needs and tried to rectify that in this Book. The goal of this Book is to get the beginner started in the right direction by explaining how a simple clock movement works. There is a detailed explanation of how five basic mechanical elements are integrated to operate a mechanical clock.

This Book is intended for the beginner, its main focus is to provide detailed but basic instruction to getting one started in clock repair. 

And then, for the Grand Finale, there is a complete section on how to go from a curious amateur to a money making professional in just a few short months repairing clocks.


This is an eBook.  Nothing comes in the mail