How to Adjust the Cuckoo Clock Music Box

How to Adjust the Cuckoo Clock Music Box

Well Illustrated   
18 Pages   by William J. Bilger 
B&W Photo   20 Plus Line Drawings 


Any competent clock repairer can get a cuckoo clock to run. But it takes a skilled artisan to get the music box to play music when it is supposed to. That is why many clock repairers won’t work on cuckoo clocks – they don’t understand them. Now with this book the secrets of the experts are revealed in print.

If you have a cuckoo clock that plays music while the cuckoo is cuckooing, or starts and stops playing music instead of playing the complete song, won’t stop playing once it starts, won’t start playing music at all, or any such problems then this book is for you.

Ever wonder if your cuckoo should play music on the half hour or not? It is all here. Plus a description of how the animation and automata are activated from the music box.