Bow Hair - Violin/Viola with instructions & video - $12bow hair

This is a hank of "Premium" hair, the Mongolian Stallion unbleached.

I have tried them all and this is the best. I recommend this to all my students. There is nothing like playing on new hair. Your playing is worth the best and with this deal you can afford to re-hair more often. This is the best length for Violin or Viola size bows. The longer the hair the easier the re-hairing procedure. Remember longer hair is more expensive, but it is worth the few extra dollars.

I will include full instructions for you to install this even if you have never done it before. Step by step instructions and free online videos. You can't go wrong. No special tools to buy.

You can even start re-hairing bows for others and make money.

NEW - also includes how to Straighten a bent Bow or correct the camber

special....order two and I will send a third free

Dear Rod,

Thank you so much for these instructions! Easy to understand and follow through on in practice. They are even "rational", unlike some of the cr-- that is out there on this subject. I have Googled this and places like Wikipedia, etc., just have a lame bunch of nonsense!
I intend to begin offering my services on bow rehair here locally, so hope to order more of this. Hopefully, a lot more.
Best Regards,