The Cuckoo Clock Owner?s Repair ManualCuckoo Clock Book

The most comprehensive and most up-to-date, Step by Step Repair Manual for Cuckoo Clock Owners.  220 pages and hundreds of color photos and diagrams.  2023 eidition.


Why does a Cuckoo Clock Stop Working?

Most likely, it is because the works are dirty, need oiling, or most likely both.  When the clock stops, think of it as the oil light is on.  It’s a cry for help.  Without oil, the metal parts grind on each other, causing serious wear and damage.

Oil also attracts dust, which can make the oil “gummy’ and add drag to its operation until it can no longer overcome the friction.

The only sure way to service a cuckoo clock is to remove the movement from its case, dismantle the parts, clean, service, and put the movement back together with fresh oil and correct adjustment.  This book will teach you how to do this.

Covered: Regula, Baduf, Hubert Herr, Schatz, Rack & Snail, Count Wheel, Bellows and Weights, Movement ID, Cleaning and Oiling, Complete Step-by-Step Repair Procedure.

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The Cuckoo Bird. 11
Habitat 11
How Cuckoo Clocks are Built 13
Cuckoo Clock History. 15
Styles of Cuckoo Clocks 17
Hunter Case Style. 18
Trumpeter Case Style. 19
Shield Cuckoo Clocks. 20
Railway House Clock. 21
Oompah Band Cuckoo Clocks. 22
Novelty Cuckoo Clocks. 23
Introduction. 27
Hanging a Cuckoo Clock. 27
Regula Cuckoo Clock Schematic. 28
What could Possibly go Wrong?. 31
The Parts of a Cuckoo Clock. 31
Cuckoo First Aid. 32
If it Still Stops 36
Installing the Chain. 37
Oiling the Clock. 43
Auto shut off 46
Using the Correct Screwdriver 48
Disassembly [Regula] 49
The Secret Sauce. 59
Case Decorations 66
Striking Setup. 68
Count Wheel Striking. 68
Rack & Snail Striking. 73
The Hubert Herr Movement 75
Operation. 75
Dismantling. 77
The Baduf Movement 82
The Schatz Movement 84
The Music Movement 88
Dancing Platform Movements 107
The Quail Movement 114
Older Movements 116
Wooden Works Movements 120
Complicated Cuckoos 128
Bellows 135
Recovering Bellows. 136
Replacing Bellows. 139
Windpipe. 140
Installing Bellows in the Case. 140
The Cuckoo Bird. 147
Bird Operation. 148
Dirty Bird. 151
Weights & Chains 152
Pendulums 154
Hands 156
The Dial 160
Replacing the Numerals. 160
Carving. 162
Test Stand. 166
Troubleshooting. 172
Cuckoo Clock Movement ID.. 173
Plate Diagrams. 176
Trademarks. 192
Regula Production Codes. 194
Adjusting the Gong. 195
Transport 196
Removing the Hands 198
Very Dirty Movement 200
Time Regulation. 201
Taking Clock Care to the Next Level 203
Clock ‘Fun’damentals 204
Escapement 208
Diagnosis 209
Tools 212
Taking the Movement Apart 222
The Diagram.. 223
Cleaning the Parts 230
Pegging. 233
Making Repairs 234
Pivot Polishing. 235
Straightening Bent Pivots & Arbors 243
Replacing a Broken or Worn-Out Pivot 244
Bushing Using Hand Tools 249
Using the Bushing Machine. 254
Repairing a Broken Tooth. 259
Lantern Pinion Repair 266
Repairing Bent Escape Wheel Teeth. 269
Correcting a Worn Saddle Pivot 271
Make a Wire Spring. 273
Motion Work. 275
Reassembly. 276
Lubricating the Movement 281
Test Run. 283
After Servicing Troubleshooting. 284
Put the Movement back in the Case. 288
The Work Area. 290
Going Electronic. 292
Refinishing the Clock Case. 294
The Lathe. 296
Clock Marts 301
Troubleshooting. 302
Lessons Learned. 303
Conclusion. 304
Clock and Watch Associations 305
Clock Supply Houses 305
Clock Tool Suppliers 306
Frequently Asked Student Questions 307
Cuckoo Clock Questions 311
Glossary of Clock Terms 313