Happy Anniversary Clocks

Happy Anniversary Clock?s

The most comprehensive Anniversary Clock Repair Book.  193 and hundreds of photos and diagrams.  
  • Do you own a clock that is special to you that has stopped working, perhaps a gift or a family heirloom?   This book is for you.

  • Do you like to tinker with mechanical things?  This book is for you.

  • Have you taken a clock apart but can't get it back together?  This book is for you.

  • Are you fascinated with clocks, have several you have bought but do not work?  This book is for you.

  •     Are you clock repairer that specializes on Anniversary Clocks?  This book is for you.

Be bold.  Take on your project.  This book will hold your hand every step of the way and guide you to success.  YOU CAN DO IT. 

Why does an Anniversary Clock stop Working?

Most likely it is because the suspension spring is broken.  I will teach you how to replace it.

Often, the works are dirty, needs oiling or most likely both.  When the clock stops, think of it as “the oil light is on”.  It’s a “cry for help”.  Without oil, the metal parts grind on each other causing serious wear and damage.


Oil also attracts dust which can make the oil “gummy’ and add drag to its operation until it can no longer overcome the friction.

If a clock is oiled regularly [every three to five years], chances are you will only ever need to reoil your clock. 

If the clock is allowed to run until it stops, the only sure way to service it is to remove the works from its case, dismantle the parts, clean, service and put the movement back together with fresh oil and correct adjustment.  

This book will teach you how to do all this.