Cuckoo Clock Repair Manual eBookBilger Cuckoo Book

by William Bilger

85 pages 8-1/2 by 11 inches


This book was written by a man with over 30 years at the clock repair bench. It consists of 85 pages with over 131 illustrations, drawings, photos and tables. 

It covers- detailed explanation of Regula movements, the operation of the Regula rack and snail system; the cuckoo bird locking mechanism; Hubert Herr movements; Schatz Movements; detailed explanation of adjusting a music box; automation and animation; how to build a cuckoo clock test stand; plus, how to remove the dreaded pressed on hammer lift wheel, tools, repairs, and much, much more.  The professional cuckoo clock repair fraternity are all saying “this is just what we needed”. Here are some reviews from readers:

It is a complete how-to-do it book for both the amateur and professional.

Written in a clear and lucid manner.

A joy to read. Informative and easy to understand.

I Keep this book close to my workbench.

It is the most helpful book I have on the subject.

It is about time; this book was long overdue! "

Along with the text, the drawings and photos make everything so easily understandable.

The printed version is no longer available.

This is an eBook.  Nothing comes in the mail.